Stormwater Treatment

The EPA has revised the Industrial and Multi-Sector General Permit to require consideration of stormwater treatment for discharges that are non-compliant and provide numerical discharge standards and system design values.


Advanced Stormwater Purification

StormClear stormwater treatment systems are focused around dissolved metals, N+N, and organic contaminants. The system was developed with a “unit-operations” philosophy to maximize treatment flexibility and effectiveness – that means we can change/modify adsorbents and media in order to ensure capture of target contaminants.

The StormClear system begins with multi-stage filtration – a rough filter, fine filtration, and ultra-fine filtration. Proprietary adsorption media is then used to adsorb and remove dissolved organics as well as provide removal of target metals. The last stages are a proprietary ion exchange media targeting positive and negative ions.

We do a comprehensive analysis of your stormwater runoff to assess the nature of the contaminant load and then work with you to optimize stormwater capture and treatment. We are an engineering contractor and provide turn-key service including construction and implementation.